Server & Network Solutions

Delivering Managed Server Solutions & Network Security Management

Your network consists of many moving parts, making it difficult to keep track of every component, as well as manage your drivers and software to ensure they’re consistently updated and functioning properly. Maxwell IT knows you have more strategic, goal-related issues to focus on.

Why not let Maxwell IT handle it all for you? We’ll provision, secure and inventory your network equipment and applications, and make sure everything runs flawlessly. We take server and network security extremely seriously, delivering around-the-clock security monitoring, antivirus monitoring and updates, and authorization and authentication management. Trust Maxwell IT to keep your network solutions running and secure at all times.

Network Solutions

How Maxwell IT’s Server and Network Solutions Help You

Lower Costs

We help you lower or eliminate the capital costs of purchasing and provisioning server hardware, software and network resources. Maxwell IT also reduces your ongoing operating costs ensuring you always run at peak performance.

Leverage Our Extensive Knowledge

We deliver technical and consulting services for server setup and maintenance, backup management, offsite backups for safe data, onsite or remote support, antivirus and spam filtering and network security.

Strenghten Security

Maxwell IT manages your assets, tracks your warranties and service contracts, and provides security updates and software installations to create a bulletproof wall against any spyware, adware and viruses.

Stay Up-to-Date

Maxwell IT constantly monitors every server and network component including your routers, firewalls, switches, IP-based phone systems and more. We also help you stay on top of important desktop events, mission-critical applications and antivirus patch alerts.

Maxwell IT keeps your networks and servers running and secure at all times.