Email Security Services

Don’t Leave Your Emails Unprotected

Email is essential to collaborating and accomplishing your daily tasks. You get to work, you check your email, you start your daily tasks, you go home and you return the next day to do it all over again. But, did you know that nine out of ten viruses infect a computer through your email? Compromised emails cause downtime, data breaches, compliance fines and more. Without email security services in place, your business is left unprotected and vulnerable to phishing threats and other cyber attacks.

Maxwell IT trains your team to recognize email threats and protects your data if you make a mistake. Our multi-layer approach extends beyond antivirus and anti-malware software. With our email security services, we’ll prevent threats before you know there was an opportunity for a breach. Using encryption software, firewalls and advanced security practices, we’ll keep your email—and business—protected.

email security services

How Email Security Services Helps You

Improve Uptime

Viruses, ransomware and other cyberattacks put your work on hold. By boosting your email security, we’ll help improve your productivity and prevent downtime.

Stay Compliant

Keeping critical data safe is essential to meeting the standards of HIPAA, PCI and SOX standards. Our compliance assessments determine where you’re vulnerable and bring you up to code.

Introduce Best Practices

You use email every day, but you don’t always know how to keep your inbox protected. We’ll train your team on security best practices and how to recognize threats.

Prevent Damage

Cyberattacks causes businesses thousands of dollars every year, but the permanent damage comes after the attack—damage to your reputation. Preventing an attack not only saves you money, but it strengthens your customer’s trust in your ability to keep their data safe.

Find out how Maxwell IT protects your email and business with managed email security.