HIPAA Risk Assessment

HIPPA Security Audit / Annual HIPAA Risk Assessment

Let Maxwell IT help you assess your security risk through a comprehensive audit and provide the necessary policies and procedures framework to complete the HIPAA/HITECH requirements.

HIPAA Risk Assessment

Here’s What’s Included in our Annual HIPAA Risk Assessment:

Administrative Safeguards

  • Security Management Process
    • Risk Analysis
    • Risk Management
    • Sanction Policy
    • Information System Activity Review
  • Assigned Security Responsibility
  • Workforce Security
  • Information Access Management
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Security Incident Procedures
    • Response and Reporting
  • Contingency Plan
    • Data Backup
    • Disaster Recovery Plan
    • Emergency Mode Operation Plan
  • Evaluation
  • Business Associate Contracts & Other Arrangements
    • Written Contract

Physical Safeguards

  • Facility Access Controls
  • Workstation Use
  • Workstation Security
  • Devices and Media Controls
    • Disposal
    • Media Re-Use

Technical Safeguards

  • Access Control
    • Unique User Identification
    • Emergency Access Procedure
  • Audit Controls
  • Integrity
  • Person or Entity Authentication
  • Transmission Security

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