Endpoint Security

Protecting Your Business One Mobile Device at a Time

Think of your organization as your home. You lock all your doors and windows, but leave your money out on the table. It takes more than locked doors and windows to keep thieves from stealing or damaging your personal property. The same applies to your IT. Not only do you need to keep your servers and networks protected, but you also need to protect your endpoints and everything in between.

Maxwell identifies all endpoints including mobile devices, tablets and laptops that are connected to your network and protects them. We’ll train your team on how to recognize threats and implement multi-layer protection to keep your business and devices safe.

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How Endpoint Security Helps You

Identify Threats

Cyber criminals are finding new and different ways to cause you harm. We’ll provide training to help you identify threats and stop attacks before they occur. We’ll help you create strong passwords, recognize malicious URLs and more.

Leverage Reports

To keep your devices protected, you need real-time reports that detect attacks and show exploited vulnerabilities. We’ll proactively monitor your logs to identify areas of improvement.

Defend Your Ends

Your business is only as protected as your endpoints. We’ll install or update your antivirus, anti-malware and firewall protection, encrypt your data, implement a social media policy and create a security strategy that keeps your data and devices safe.

Improve Business Continuity

Falling victim to a ransomware attack without the proper backup leads to hours or even days of downtime. By protecting your endpoints with the strongest security, we’ll ensure you experience less downtime and data loss.

Disappoint hackers with multi-layer, endpoint security protection.