Server Migration & Deployment Services

Out with the Old and in with the New Has Never Been Easier

If you find yourself waiting an extensive amount of time for pages to load or experiencing compatibility issues, it might be time to get rid of your old servers. Making the migration from old servers to new ones or switching to a completely different IT system doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Maxwell IT’s expertly trained professions make your transition as smooth as possible, without any downtime. We’ll take care of it all, from managing your data and documents stored on your old servers and installing new hardware and software to performing configuration and testing to ensure your system runs at peak performance. Our server migration and deployment services include PCs and Macs, network cabling installations, cloud solutions, office, data center and more. Look to Maxwell IT to get you on the right path to productivity and efficiency.

server migration

What to Expect from Our Server Migration
and Deployment Services

Free Up Valuable Time

Our experts know every move to ensure your migrations and deployments happen quickly and successfully. On your own, the process could take days, leaving you little to no time to complete other tasks with your server down for a long period of time. With Mawell IT, you’ll be able to work through the process and stay focused on your customers.

Easily Transfer Data

Expanding your business? When you’re ready to open additional offices or move to a new location, Maxwell IT makes the move simple. We ensure your data and files are securely transferred. We’ll have you up and ready before you cut the red ribbon and open your doors.

Maximize Performance

New technology makes doing things faster and more efficient—that is, if it’s migrated and deployed properly. We get it right the first time and run tests on your systems to guarantee everything is running perfectly.

Get fast, efficient server migration and
deployments with Maxwell IT.