Compliance Solutions

Keep Your IT Secure and Your Standards High

Protecting customers identities and confidential data are critical to meeting the regulations and standards set by HIPAA, PCI and SOX. Failure to comply results in hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees and potential prison time. But, meeting all of those conflicting guidelines and regulations is difficult—especially without the proper knowledge. Maxwell IT protects your business from noncompliance consequences by keeping your IT secure and deploying compliance solutions. Our goal is to keep you, your employees—and most importantly—your customers safe.

compliance solutions

How Compliance Solutions Help You

Improve Security Standards

Keeping critical data safe is essential to meeting HIPAA, PCI and SOX compliance standards. We analyze your infrastructure and implement solutions that include fixing vulnerabilities, enhancing security, training and more.

Enhance Compliance Understanding

Most businesses are unaware when they’ve broken compliance. We’ll train your team on how to stay compliant, how to keep data safe and best practices.

Leverage Data

Keeping your IT secure and customer’s data confidential is only half the compliance battle. We’ll simplify compliance reporting, auditing and training to help you meet regulations.

Reduce Costs

Failure to comply with HIPAA compliance can result in up to $1.5 million in fines. While lower fees, PCI and SOX fines can also stack up to millions of dollars. We keep your business compliant and your budget happy.

Noncompliance is a costly mistake—improve your standards with our compliance solutions.