Virtual Server Hosting

Save Energy with Virtual Server Hosting from
Maxwell IT

Many businesses are making the move to virtual servers because they allow you to operate smarter, faster and more efficiently. When you combine multiple virtual machines onto few physical servers, you consume less power and cut down on waste, decreasing your company’s carbon footprint.

Maxwell’s virtual server hosting services consists of virtual desktop provisioning, backup and disaster recovery, virtual application hosting, hardware and software updates and management, and more. Our virtual environments give you scalability at an affordable price.

Virtual Server Hosting

Benefits of Implementing Virtual Server Hosting

Gain Stability & Security

Software problems are isolated from and to your environment. Other cloud servers can’t harm you, and you can’t harm them. If other users overload their cloud servers, you’re not impacted because resources are dedicated and stability is guaranteed.

Achieve the Best Performance Ratio

Cloud servers aren’t affected by the usual server hardware problems. They deliver all the cloud computing benefits of being stable, fast and secure to yield the best stability-to-cost ratio.

Boost Efficiency

Cloud servers not only provide you with more resources, they run faster. Plus, they’re easily scalable and upgrading CPU, memory and disk space is a snap.

Operate more cost effectively with our virtual server hosting services.