SIEM Solutions

Security Information and Event Management Streamlines Security

Every click, keystroke and search leave a digital footprint. That information is completely useless to the untrained eye. But, with the right knowledge and technology, you can use that information to your advantage. Security information and event management use that information to create a real-time analysis report and compliance audit.

Maxwell IT’s SIEM solutions provide a management layer above your existing security systems and give you an all-inclusive, enterprise-wide view of activity. We’ll proactively monitor your SIEM system and secure breaches. We’ll implement disaster prevention plans and centralize your systems to streamline your security and provide you worry-free solutions.

SIEM solutions

How SIEM Solutions Helps You

Detect & Avoid Threats

SIEM solutions don’t just log events, it analyzes entries to identify signs of malicious activity and communicates with other security controls to block threats. Plus, having a single interface allows us to contain and resolve any issues quickly.

Leverage Compliance

Our SIEM solution consolidates all security events across your infrastructure into one report. We’ll save you time and simplify meeting reporting requirements of PCI, HIPAA, SOX and any other regulated standards.

Simplify Investigations

In addition to storing and analyzing data, SIEM creates a thorough, readable court-approved forensics report that shows attacks and when they occurred without the hassle of manually interpreting data and manually creating reports.

Prioritize Threats

As your SIEM system detects more threats, you’ll be able to prioritize events based on particular criteria. We’ll use this information to stop damaging attacks first instead of resolving threats as they occur.

Stay focused on strategy while we cover all your security and compliance bases.