Small Business IT Support

Technology—One Less Task for Small Businesses to Tackle

You wear many hats—owner, CEO, sales manager, marketing strategist, coffee maker. Small businesses often don’t have the bandwidth they need to maintain and implement technology that could greatly benefit their organization.

Look to Maxwell IT as your expert for managing your small business IT support in Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver. Our services save money, eliminate downtime and increase efficiency. We can help you with it all, including enhancing system security, firewall installation and management, disaster backup and recovery, network and server management, cloud computing and reducing your overall IT costs.  You’ve already got a lot on your plate. Let Maxwell take care of managing your technology.

small business IT support

How Maxwell’s Small Business IT Support Helps You

Strengthen Policies & Procedures

When small IT problems go unaddressed they can quickly turn into larger problems that cause financial loss, customer repercussions—even legal problems. Maxwell audits your process and implements security practices at vulnerable points to ensure if a problem does arise, it’s fixed immediately, at the source.

Maximize Mobile Security

Mobile technology is great for small businesses because work doesn’t always happen in the office, but mobility opens you up to new risks. Maxwell IT integrates encryption and wipe capabilities for your mobile devices into your IT security plan to ensure a lost or stolen device never compromises your business.

Eliminate Downtime, Maximize Uptime

There’s never a convenient time to experience downtime, especially with business-critical computing. Maxwell IT works diligently to decrease—even eliminate downtime for your business. Through 24/7 monitoring we’re able to spot issues and act before they cause any problems or disruptions.

Keep Out Hackers with Password Security

It’s common for people to use the same password for multiple sign-ins because it’s easier to remember, but this makes your entire system more vulnerable to hackers and cyber attacks. Maxwell IT implements password expiration and requires password resets more frequently to keep your system more secure.

Take charge of your business,
we’ll take charge of your IT.