Security Vulnerability Assessment

Fill the Gaps in Your Environment

Your team unintentionally introduces new vulnerabilities into your environment every day. From prompts to install updates and plugins to clicking malicious URLs and infected attachments, all it takes is one click to cause serious damage. The first step to protecting you, your employees and your customers is conducting a vulnerability assessment to discover where you’re at risk.

Maxwell IT outlines a complete picture of your weaknesses with comprehensive details and interrelationships. Our security vulnerability assessment examines your entire environment to uncover the weak points, prioritize liabilities and recommends steps to close the gaps.

security vulnerability assessment

How a Security Vulnerability Assessment Helps You

Improve Reliability

Data breaches and loss not only hurts you and your organization, but it hurts customer’s trust in your ability to keep their confidential data safe. By closing the gaps in your security, you’ll maximize uptime and return peace of mind to your customers.

Consolidate Data

There are multiple aspects of security to analyze and consider. With a vulnerability assessment, you summarize that information into a single report. No more tracking down numbers from various places, the data consolidates into an easy-to-read document.

Prioritize Risks

A vulnerability assessment lists your risks and organizes them by severity. We’ll use this information to stop the biggest attacks first instead of resolving threats as they occur.

Meet Compliance

Keeping your customer’s confidential information safe is essential to meeting HIPAA, PCI and SOX compliance. Our vulnerability assessment will determine where you’re failing compliance and close the gaps in your security.

Don’t become a statistic; keep your business safe with Maxwell IT’s Security Vulnerability Assessment.