IT Support – Areas Served

Maxwell IT is a trusted managed service provider, offering unbeatable IT support to businesses in Seattle, Portland and Alaska. We collaborate with businesses spanning various industries, delivering reliable, amicable, and proficient IT services and management. Our committed team of professionals provides 24/7 support, helping businesses stay connected, secure and free of disruption.

Communities We Serve – Where We Work

We are proud to serve several communities across the Northwest and support local businesses to grow without having to worry about IT issues. We offer IT support in:   

Regardless of where you’re based, our team is on hand to offer you personalized, strategic IT support that benefits your business and helps you achieve your goals. 

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IT Support - What We Do

At Maxwell IT, we provide a flexible, comprehensive service offering. Whether you need help with cybersecurity or digital compliance, complete IT management and support, or a total overhaul of your IT network, we have the expertise and resources to do so.  

Our core IT support services include:  

Why Choose Maxwell IT?

There’s no shortage of IT support providers across the Northwest, so why choose Maxwell IT?  

  • Quick responses – Count on our 24/7 remote helpline for quick and efficient support, ensuring assistance is readily available whenever you need it. 
  • Years of experience – With a wealth of experience, we are at the forefront of delivering top-tier managed IT services and comprehensive IT support. 
  • All-in-one business IT support – You can trust us with your entire IT network, allowing you to focus on your business objectives while we manage the technical aspects. 
  • Proactive mindset – Our goal is to pre-empt issues, reduce downtime and remain prepared for any challenges that may arise so that you’re not affected by disruption. 
  • Affordable, expert support – Our team is diverse and has experience spanning every corner of the IT network. When the level of experience and knowledge of our team is considered, as well as our 24/7 availability, we are the most affordable solution for businesses seeking comprehensive IT support. 

Key Strengths

  • “If you don’t already have IT support, I highly recommend Maxwell IT.  The guys at Maxwell IT are always very prompt in responding to any issues our clinic may have. They are very courteous and professional.”

    Chris & Tiffani Edgmon
    Office Managers
  • “Maxwell IT is an excellent business partner for our medical practice. Their follow through has been excellent with the projects they have worked with us on. They have stayed involved ensuring that implementation goes smoothly and are available to trouble shoot and problem solve when necessary. I have utilized them for a range of projects including complex network issues and they have been paramount to our success. I look forward to working with them on future endeavors.”

    Ed Suruda
    IT Manager, Cascade Eye & Skin
  • “Maxwell IT was a critical component of the implementation plan for our Practice Management and EHR systems. Their services ranged from assisting us in evaluating our current system flows and eliminating redundancies to proposal and contract evaluations to project management and planning to actual template builds. They had the technical expertise to coordinate issues between our IT techs and the vendor techs and they had the medical expertise to work with our providers on clinical design. In the four state region I have not come across a smoother implementation in a community health clinic. And we have 150 employees and multiple clinical services. It was a valuable investment and we would not have been successful without them.”

    Barbara Johnson
    Director of Finance, Seattle Indian Health Board, CHC
  • “Maxwell IT is AMAZING! When they took over our account they had a lot of clean up to do and they were up front and honest with what the costs would be to get us current. Our IT costs are actually less now since they have taken over our IT services. They are very responsive to our needs and communicate clearly every time we need assistance. I have been impressed with their customer service and attentiveness to issues at any time of the day or night that need to be resolved and in the positive way they interact with the owners and staff. I would highly recommend Maxwell IT to manage your IT services for your company!”

    Stephanie Hanks
    Administrator, Ear, Nose, Throat of the Northwest
  • “Maxwell IT has consistently shown outstanding service and attention to detail. The response time to problems is very rapid, even after normal business hours our calls are returned. The IT guys are attentive; detail oriented, and are very easy to work with. The level of service has been excellent.”

    Kim Lindsay
    Office Manager, Evergreen Pediatrics
  • “Maxwell IT has been instrumental at every step of the way with respect to my electronic medical record system. From figuring out what my needs are to implementing and maintaining the system, I have felt confident that my IT managers are behind me 100% of the time.”

    Dr. Stacey Donlan
    Eastside Premier Medicine
  • “Maxwell IT’s knowledge of our system, the island constraints, (we are an isolated Alaskan community, 1,200 miles from Anchorage) and their ability to trouble-shoot issues amazes me. You can see they are very compassionate about their work and care about the end product (us)!”

    Eileen Scott
    Executive Director, Iliuliuk Family and Health Services
  • Maxwell IT delivers high server uptime—someone is always watching the boards. With our depth of knowledge and technical skills, we deliver lightning-fast response and support when it comes to helpdesk calls and resolving issues.

  • Our support infrastructure and tools are unparalleled. From 24/7 response to our reporting, we deliver top-notch services. And, we’re an industry leader recognized by our peers throughout the Northwest.

  • We are passionate about the people we serve. Maxwell IT listens to our clients’ goals and concerns to help them succeed and achieve high uptime. We’ll drop everything to support them whenever and wherever they need us, 24/7/365.

If you have any questions about how Maxwell IT can service your business’ IT needs, please contact us.