PC & Mac Support

Providing Remote Computer Repair for Your PC & Mac

Technology isn’t perfect, so you’re going to face hiccups from time to time. As your reliable PC and Mac support partner, Maxwell IT quickly resolves any and all of your technical issues. With our extensive knowledge, you’ll experience fewer technical issues and save money. We keep your drivers and software up to date, manage and track your licenses, and integrate them with your existing equipment. Maxwell IT keeps your workstations and desktops operating at peak performance.

Mac support

How Maxwell’s PC and Mac Support Helps You

Empower Your Staff

We optimize productivity and efficiency by working closely with your staff to make sure they have a complete understanding of how to use their machines and applications.

Access Support Whenever You Need It

When an issue arises you can contact us by phone, instant message or email. We work diligently to always provide a quick resolution that gets your team back up and running.

Get Services That Fit You

We offer tiered service levels to ensure we deliver exactly the level of services you need. Since each level of service has its own tiered Service Level Agreements (SLAs), you can custom-fit every part of your relationship with us.

Improve Security

Our specialists remove spyware, adware and viruses before they can cause any harm to your business. We audit patches, ports, passwords and firewalls as well as inventory hardware and software assets, track warranties and contracts, and provide security updates and installations.

Leave your PCs and Macs to the experts at Maxwell IT.